Convention Policies

We are thrilled to reunite with everyone once again, and while our happiness knows no bounds, safety remains our top concern for everyone. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation in creating a secure and enjoyable experience for all at Anime North Texas.

Code of Conduct

1 | Convention Staff, Guests, and Attendees may not engage in any activities that are prohibited by law. This includes but is not limited to;

• Harassment

» The convention views harassment and retaliation to be among the most serious breaches of convention behavior. Consequently, appropriate disciplinary or corrective action, ranging from a warning to expulsion to criminal charges, can be expected. 

• Substance Abuse

• Public Intoxication

2 | Treat the Hotel and Convention Staff with respect

Hotel and Convention Staff are not there to ruin your weekend, they are there to keep the hotel property intact and to make sure everyone is safe and having fun.

• Please follow directions given by Hotel and Convention staff, failure to do so can lead to removal from the show or even the hotel property itself.

• Please remember, staff and volunteers, are not yelling AT you. We are yelling to be heard over the rest of the convention to give directions and information while you’re in line so you don’t waste time in the actual event or to give directions for the safety of our attendees.

• Convention Staff, Guests, and Attendees may not be in possession of any item defined as a weapon.

3 | The weapon is “legal” or “illegal” does not matter, no weapons period.

• No open or concealed carry is permitted within the convention space.

• No Live Steel is permitted.

• If you purchase live steel from a vendor in our exhibit hall you will be allowed to carry it long enough to get to your car or hotel room. If staff notices you lingering on the floor with it instead you will be asked to take it off the floor. Taking this directive as a mere suggestion will result in removal from the show.

» The convention does NOT have a place for you to store your purchase if you do not have a car or hotel room, please plan accordingly.

» Convention Staff and Attendees may not bring any animals onto the convention premises

4 | ADA working Animals are the exception to this rule, please make sure your animal is on a leash or harness to avoid any accidents.

• If your ADA working animal causes a disruption or acts aggressively, convention or hotel staff may ask you to remove your animal from the convention floor.

5 | Membership Badges must be worn and visible at all times.

• If you are asked to show your badge at any time by a staff member or volunteer, please do so.

6 | Shoes must be worn at all times.

• There is NO exception to this rule. This is both a health and safety issue.

7 | No sleeping in any Convention area at any time.

• You will be woken up and asked to move along. Hotel staff has the right to ask you to leave the property if you’re sleeping in public areas.

8 | Do not sit or lay on the floors/hallways.

• Sitting in the hallway or convention space is prohibited.

9 | A member of staff may request or give permission based on the circumstance.

• If you having problems standing in line and need assistance, please contact any staff/volunteer member for assistance. 

• Membership Badges must be purchased in order to be allowed into the Convention space

• If you do not have a badge you will be asked to leave until you purchase one.

10 | Do not run in the Convention space.

• There are lots of people around and we don’t want someone getting hurt.

11 | Be mindful of those around you at all times.

• If you have a large cosplay or any of your cosplay hinders your ability to see around you, please make sure to have a handler with you to assist in making sure everyone can safely enjoy the work you’ve put into it.

12 | Weapons/Prop Policy must be followed at all times.

• Safety Staff has the right to request the removal of any prop at any time for any reason. They do not do so without reason, please don’t argue with them.

13 | The convention Prop Policy is available year-round on our website.

• Please note that the policy may change without notice if we notice problems. Please comply with these changes if you are asked to do so.

14 | Event-specific policies may be in place.

• Convention staff has the right to change event-specific policies with no warning as circumstances may require. Please do not argue with them if they ask you to follow something that was not previously announced.

13 | Refusal to comply with an event-specific policy may result in you being denied entry until you comply.

• Convention Staff has the right to deny anyone entry to an event or remove them from an event if they are being disruptive in any way. If they ask you to leave, do so.

Failure to comply with any of the above-written policies or with staff directives may result in your removal from the show. These rules are in place to ensure everyone is safe and has fun, please follow them.

Prop Policy

1 | Wooden swords, bats, prop canes, staffs, etc.: are permitted, and all props/weapons must be checked into the safety desk upon entering the convention, or (in the case of a Dealer’s Room purchase) right after you finish your transaction. Realistic looking weapons will not be allowed.

2 | Any and all LIVE Weapons are NOT allowed. This includes individuals who possess a weapons permit or a concealed weapons permit.

3 | Live Steel is not allowed in the Convention Space. This includes blades, blunts, etc…

4 | If Safety decides a prop/weapon is too dangerous you will be asked to return the item to your room/car. If you take this as a mere suggestion, you will be expelled from the convention without a refund.

5 | No swinging, play fighting (unarmed included), or throwing of props/weapons will be permitted.

6 | Real Guns: Guns and other firearms are not permitted. No exceptions, even if you have a concealed carry license.

7 | Realistic ammunition and other realistically-colored weapons (ie: grenades): No live or spent ammunition, shells, or explosive incendiary devices.

8 | Whips: allowed, must be kept on the hip at all times. All whips must be checked and peace bonded by a member of our safety staff.

Dance Policy

1 | No bags are allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: Laptop Bags, Backpacks, Duffle Bags, and messenger bags.

2 | The Safety Staff will not watch bags/items for you.

3 | The Safety Staff reserves the right to bar entry.

4 | The Safety Staff may initiate a voluntary bag/pocket check for contraband.

5 | Nothing attached to a string/chain that can be swung will be permitted.

6 | No cosplay props or weapons are allowed into the Dance area, this includes lightsabers.

7 | No fighting or dance fighting.

8 | If you have a history of seizures, asthma, or heart attack, please avoid the Dance. The heat and flashing lights may trigger attacks.

9 | Harassment will not be tolerated.

Exhibit Hall Policy

1 |Keep your hands visible and above the tables. Theft is no small charge, and the dealers WILL press charges.

2 | If the room enters a lockdown, remain calm and slowly make your way to the door.

3 |If Safety Personnel requests that you open your bags be polite and open them.

Events/Line Policy

1 | To avoid fire hazards, keep lines single file and stay close to the walls.

2 | Please wait your turn in line.

3 | Don’t argue with the staff if they attempt to correct you.

4 | Cutting any line and holding spots for anyone who hasn’t already been in the line is not allowed. 

5 | Completely fill in seats and try not to leave empty spaces.

7 | Any event specific rules will be announced at the start of the event, please listen while they are being announced.

8 | IDs will be required for any 18+ panels, and recording devices therein will also be prohibited.

Dress Code

1 | This is a family-friendly convention, please try to keep it as PG as possible. Excessively revealing clothing or costumes will not be permitted. Private areas must be covered with opaque (solid) cloth at all times. Guests in excessively revealing attire will be asked to change

2 | Make sure your costume does not contour to private body parts. If it does, please wear extra undergarments as necessary.

3 | Men must also wear proper undergarments (this includes dance belts where applicable).

4 | If your costume requires a lot of exposed skin, consider wearing a nude bodysuit.

5 | Ice Skates (with or without the guards) are not allowed as either shoes OR props.

6 | No regular skates or roller blades allowed inside the event space.

7 | Shoes may be removed for photo shoots only, and must be worn at all other times. Socks do not count as shoes. A sturdy covering on the bottom of your foot is a must.

8 | Costumes that can be confused with local, state, or federal law enforcement of any kind are not allowed.

9 | No profanity or graphic sexual imagery may be displayed on costumes or clothing.

10 | Grossly offensive outfits, uniforms, or any cosplay with the intention of being of heavy shock value will be asked to change out or risk expulsion from the convention.

11 | No accessories that you could use to attach yourself, even temporarily, to another person is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: handcuffs, leashes, ropes, etc.

12 | There is no profanity allowed on costumes or clothing during the convention.

13 | If a complaint is received about your costume or outfit the matter will be investigated and you may be asked to change.

14 | Make sure all pointy objects have been dulled so as not to cause harm to others.

15 | If wearing a large costume with wings or other large pieces that extend beyond your reach, are difficult to retract, or impair your vision then make sure you have a handler or two to assist you and/or be more aware of your surroundings.

16 | Make sure you get cool air or ventilation while cosplaying.

17 | Stay well hydrated by drinking water or Gatorade, not soda and Ramune!

18 | Don’t forget to eat a proper meal!

19 | If you are asked for a photo, please make sure to move out of the flow of traffic. Blocking hallways/walkways is a violation of the fire safety regulations and you will be asked to move.

20 | Leave the judging to the judges.

21 | Remember we are here to have a good time and be respectful.


Your badge is the property of Anime North Texas. Your Badge is NON-Transferable. Use of your badge by any person other than the original holder is prohibited and will result in badge confiscation. Your badge must be worn and visible at all times. Your badge will NOT be replaced if lost, stolen, or confiscated. Only Upper Management may confiscate your badge and revoke your membership status for current and future years for any reason, at any time, without a refund. Anime North Texas reserves the right to use the badge holder’s image or likeness for any current or future promotional consideration. All policies and rules are subject to change at any time without warning. The badge holder assumes all risks of personal injury incidental to the event. The badge holder bears all risks of inclement weather. Contact the convention “Information Desk” for comments, questions, or for more information. Acceptance of your badge by the badge holder constitutes agreement to the above terms.

Harassment Policy

The most productive and satisfying environment is one in which work is accomplished in a spirit of mutual trust and respect. Harassment is a form of discrimination that is offensive, impairs morale, undermines the integrity of relationships, and causes serious harm to the productivity, efficiency, enjoyment, and stability of our organization.

All staff and attendees have a right to an environment free from discrimination and harassing conduct, including sexual harassment. Harassment on the basis of someone’s race, color, creed, ancestry, national origin, age, disability, sex, arrest or conviction record, marital status, sexual orientation, gender preference, membership in the military, or use or nonuse of lawful products away from the convention space is expressly prohibited under this policy. Harassment on any of these bases is also illegal under Section 42.07, Texas Statutes. This policy will be issued to all current staff and all attendees.


In general, harassment means persistent and unwelcome conduct or actions on any of the bases underlined above. Sexual harassment is one type of harassment and includes unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome physical contact of a sexual nature or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Unwelcome verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature includes, but is not limited to:

The repeated making of unsolicited, inappropriate gestures or comments;

The display of offensive sexually graphic materials not necessary for our convention;

Harassment on any basis (race, sex, age, disability, etc.) exists whenever:

Submission to harassing conduct is made, either explicitly or implicitly, a term or condition of an individual’s attendance.

Submission to or rejection of such conduct is used as the basis for an attendance decision affecting an individual.

The conduct interferes with an attendee’s participation at the convention or creates an intimidating,
hostile, or offensive convention environment.

Recognizing Harassment

Harassment may be subtle, manipulative and is not always evident. It does not refer to occasional compliments of a socially acceptable nature. It refers to behavior that is not welcome and is personally offensive. All forms of gender harassment are covered. Men can be sexually harassed; men can harass men;

Women can harass other women. Offenders can be managers, supervisors, convention or hotel staff, and guests, attendees, panelists, or exhibitors.

Cosplay does NOT mean consent.

Some examples:


Jokes, insults and innuendoes (based on race, sex, age, disability, etc.), degrading sexual remarks, referring to someone as a stud, hunk or babe; whistling; cat calls; comments on a person’s body or sex life, or pressures for sexual favors.


Gestures, staring, touching, hugging, patting, blocking a person’s movement, standing too close, brushing against a person’s body, or display of sexually suggestive or degrading pictures, racist or other derogatory cartoons or drawings.

Grievance Procedure

Any convention staff, attendee, guest, or exhibitor who believes they are being harassed, or any of the previous, who becomes aware of harassment, should promptly notify convention Staff or Security. If the person believes that a staff member is the harasser, the convention Security should be notified. If anyone is uncomfortable discussing harassment with convention or hotel Staff or Security, the employee should contact a member of the Anime North Texas personnel. Information on your right to file a state or federal harassment complaint is also available from Ken Wallen.

Upon notification of a harassment complaint, a confidential and impartial investigation will be promptly commenced and will include direct interviews with involved parties and, where necessary, with anyone who may be witnesses or have knowledge of matters relating to the complaint. The parties of the complaint will be notified of the findings and their options.


This policy also expressly prohibits retaliation of any kind against anyone bringing a complaint or assisting in the investigation of a complaint. Such persons may not be adversely affected in any manner related to their attendance at the convention. Such retaliation is also illegal under Section 42.07, Texas Statutes.

Disciplinary Action

Anime North Texas views harassment and retaliation to be among the most serious breaches of convention behavior.
Consequently, appropriate disciplinary or corrective action, ranging from a warning to expulsion to criminal charges, can be expected.

For more information:


Civil Rights Unit
Austin, Texas 78778
Tel: (512) 463-2642
Fax: (512) 463-2643
TTY:  (512) 371-7473
Texas Toll Free:  (888) 452-4778

Please note that a violation of ANY of the preceding weapon or convention rules can be grounds for immediate expulsion from the Convention (without refund), as well as resulting in contacting local authorities depending on the severity of the situation.